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Best Time to Visit Berlin

Decide when you'd like to visit Berlin by checking these seasonal weather details:

  • Winter, from December to February, is cold, with average temperatures hovering around freezing.
  • Spring, from March to May, is a season characterized by unstable weather, with the first warm days, but also the return of cold weather. March is often a cold month, with frequent snowfalls. 
  • In autumn, from September to November, the flow of Atlantic fronts, which had never completely stopped, resumes with greater frequency, although a period of good and unseasonably warm weather can sometimes occur.
  • The amount of sunshine in Berlin is not great, however, it is passable from May to August, when the days are also very long

Featured Berlin Hotels

Upper Room Hotel Kurfürstendamm
7.1 Pleasant View Deal
Hampton by Hilton Berlin City West
9.3 Superb View Deal
Hotel Vita Berlin-Messe

Hotel Vita Berlin-Messe

12-14 Heerstraße 4. Og

9.2 Superb View Deal
SO/Berlin Das Stue

SO/Berlin Das Stue

Drakestrasse 1

9.2 Superb View Deal
Casa Camper Berlin

Casa Camper Berlin


9.5 Exceptional View Deal

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